The Romanian Government has decided: Mining companies are above the law

GUEST POST (by e-mail):

On August 28 the Romanian Government voted a law proposal named “Measures concerning the exploitation of gold and silver within the Rosia Montana perimeter(…)”. Accordingly, the Parliament, following this governmental initiative, is preparing to vote soon a law with devastating consequences. The law proposed stipulates that in the case of the Rosia Montana gold mining project the investor doesn’t need to respect a series of other laws, since the State will issue all the necessary derogatory documents needed – regardless of current legal procedures.

As a consequence the principle of the separation of powers has been defied by illegally giving the Parliament the competence of deciding over the start of an overtly illegal mining project instead of other state authorities.

Main criticism of the law proposal:
a.) Although a private investment, the mining project run by the company “RMGC” is being declared of ‘special public national interest’ (Art. 1) – so that any person opposing it can be expropriated (Art. 62).
b.) RMGC may become the owner of any public building within 45 days after formally requesting this – without any auction (pt. 7 of Art. 4).
c.) If any document or permit obtained by the company is annulled at court the state must issue it again within 30 days (pt. 9, letter A of Art. 4).
d.) The owner of the mining license can relocate natural monuments within the exploitation perimeter in order to ‘protect’ them (pt. 4 of Art. 5).
These are only a few aspects that violate the European principles and Romanian citizen’s rights in favor of a private mining company.

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